A Trip With UNA

Crafts & Food

We offer programs to experience the cultures of Kyushu with a focus on crafts and food. UNA introduces you to a world of workshops and production sites not easily accessible on one's own.


Join us to explore modern cultures rooted in local climates, histories, and traditions — what we term “nativescapes.”


Our goal is to create a journey that inspires both visitors and those who welcome them. We invite you to be a part of our community, even if for a short time.


made-to-order tours

From Traditional Crafts to New Makers
A Trip to Discover Kyushu’s Textiles
Rice, Sake, Sweets, Crafts
A Trip to Discover Kyushu’s Rice Culture
Kurume Kasuri, Lanterns, Washi Paper, Pottery
Yame Craft Tour