【Fukuoka/Hirokawa】 Indigo Dyeing Steeped in Kurume Kasuri Tradition

Make Your Very Own Indigo Art at Aizome Kasuri Kobo (2hrs)

Indigo dye cloth with the help of the fifth generation head, Kensuke Yamamura.
Make a fabric panel with the dyed fabric
Enjoy Yame tea in a room surrounded by Kurume Kasuri from Aizome Kasuri Kobo
If the weather is nice, see Kurume Kasuri hanging to dry
Create gradations by dipping in the indigo many times.

Pure indigo dyeing involves a fermentation process carried out by thousands of microorganisms. In addition to dyeing, this process requires careful management of the living indigo, a test of the skills and steadfastness of the craftsperson. Even among Kurume Kasuri makers, Aizome Kasuri Kobo deals in the most traditional indigo dyeing methods. In this program, first take an inside look at the workshop’s studio space before creating your own piece of art by dyeing cloth with indigo. Through this experience, enjoy the color of rich indigo blue itself.

  • Learn about the process of dyeing indigo and making kasuri textiles
  • Create a fabric panel
  • Enjoy Yame tea and sweets in a room enveloped with indigo kasuri
  • Purchase Aizome Kasuri Kobo’s kasuri fabric and small goods (optional)
Kensuke YamamuraFifth Generation Owner, Aizome Kasuri Kobo
At Aizome Kasuri Kobo, Kensuke is mainly in charge of dyeing. While honoring the methods inherited from his father, Takeshi, Kensuke builds upon his experiences to create unique innovations. Day after day, Kensuke conducts a taste test of the indigo to check it’s condition, making delicate adjustments as if having a dialogue with the dye. He also explores new frontiers by dyeing materials other than cloth and thread.
Destination Info

A World of Indigo and Geometric Patterns

Aizome Kasuri Kobo is a Kurume Kasuri workshop located in Hirokawa, Fukuoka Prefecture that was established in 1891. There are two main types of Kurume Kasuri: the indigo dyed, hand woven type, and the chemical dyed, machine woven type. Even amongst weavers that use indigo dye and hand weaving methods, Aizome Kasuri Kobo places particular emphasis on valuing traditional methods. The workshop creates beautiful gradations in the indigo’s color by dyeing pieces over and over, sometimes more than 50 times. They also design geometric patterns through interpretations of traditional motifs, creating pieces with a charm unique to Aizome Kasuri Kobo. The workshop space itself is also beautifully decorated with seasonal plants and flowers. Reference: Aizome Kasuri Kobo | Trading Company of Area Culture Unagino Nedoko

Fourth generation Takeshi-san is in charge of weaving.

Geometric patterned Kurume Kasuri

The Pursuit of Chikugo Blue

Used all over the world, indigo is said to be the oldest dye known to humans. Even amongst indigos, the dye differs greatly by region. Aizome Kasuri Kobo values the colors and tones unique to Chikugo. When preparing indigo, Kensuke first burns sawtooth oak and adds its ashes to groundwater. Once the ash settles to the bottom, he extracts the top liquid and adds wheat bran and the ash of shells collected from the Ariake Sea, incorporating them all with the indigo to promote its fermentation.

Dye made from indigo leaves

Yarn dyed with indigo unique to the Chikugo region

Program Contents

Learn About Traditional Indigo Dyeing

In this experience, first learn about indigo dyeing and Kurume Kasuri in a room surrounded with the fabrics of Aizome Kasuri Kobo. Then tour the exquisite workshop to see the raw materials and indigo dyeing process for yourself.

Aizome Kasuri Kobo

Room surrounded by Aizome Kasuri Kobo fabrics

Make and Take Home Your Own Indigo Blue

Create your own piece of fabric art, dyeing it with indigo in monochrome or in a gradation. Seeing the moment when brown indigo turns blue when exposed to air is like watching magic unfold before one’s eyes. After, head back to the fabric-filled workshop room to finish making your art. Also enjoy Yame tea and sweets prepared by Kensuke’s mother.

Washing the dyed cloth in water.

Attach fabric to a panel to create your own art piece

Immersive Craft Stay

Experience a World of Artisanship at Craft Inn 手 [té]

Located in Yame close to Aizome Kasuri Kobo (20 minutes by car), is Craft Inn 手 [té], an inn operated by UNA Laboratories that was renovated from a traditional Japanese building. From the furniture to the fixtures, bath, and decorations, every aspect of the inn highlights the craftsmanship of local artisans. An overnight stay at Craft Inn 手 [té] paired with a craft tour is a great way to experience the spirit of Kyushu and its craftspeople! Learn more about Craft Inn 手 [té] and reserve a room here.

Craft Inn 手 [té]

Indigo themed room

Tour Code


  • Sat. 14:00 ~
  • Sun. 10:30 ~

Saturdays in odd-numbered months and Sundays in even-numbered months. Please inquire separately if you would like to schedule on other days.


2 hours


10:25 (13:55)
Meet at Aizome Kasuri Kobo
※There is another kasuri studio next door run by craftspeople with the same last name (Yamamura). Please be careful not to mix up the workshops.

10:30 (14:00)

Lecture, Tour of the Indigo Dyeing Space
※Since the main production steps are carried out by Yamamura family members only, there may be instances when guests cannot see the weaving process during their visit.

11:00 (14:30)

Create Art

12:30 (16:00)

Commemorative Photo

Meeting Place
Aizome Kasuri Kobo
241 Naganobu, Hirokawa, Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture 834-0105

*If traveling by public transportation:

  • Highway Bus: Approximately 60 minutes from Hakata Station or Tenjin Station to Hirokawa IC (Fukuoka <-> Kumamoto route on the Hinokuni-go Bus)
  • Approximately 10 minutes by taxi from Hirokawa IC to the workshop.

*If traveling by car:

  • Approximately 1 hour from Hakata. Free parking is available.

Entrance to Aizome Kasuri Kobo




2 to 5 people
*Please contact us if you would like to participate with more than 5 people.

Reservation Deadline
Up to 5 days prior to experience
Payment Method

Advance payment by credit card (VISA, Master, Amex, JCB) using a form once the request has been confirmed.


Please wear flat shoes, no heels.

Additionally, please wear clothes that can adjust easily in case of temperature fluctuations.


This is an experience program where guests arrange transportation themselves to and from the meeting place.

UNA Laboratories staff will not accompany guests on this program.

We recommend participants purchase domestic travel insurance for the tour.

The tour will be held even in the event of rain, barring cases of inclement weather such as heavy rain or a typhoon.

All of the photographs displayed on this website are for illustrative purposes only. Additionally, the workshop is not a tourist destination, so processes and items seen may differ due to circumstances.

Children of elementary school age and younger may participate in the tour with a parent or guardian. However, neighter UNA Laboratories nor Aizome Kasuri Kobo shall be held responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur in the parking lot or during the tour. When touring the factory, please keep an eye on your child/children to make sure that they do not touch the machines.

This tour may be canceled in the event that its smooth implementation becomes difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cancellation Policy

3 to 1 day(s) preceding the tour start date: 50% of the tour fee

Before departure on the day of the tour: 100% of the tour fee

No-show without prior notification or cancellation after the start of tour: 100% of the tour fee

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Tour Information

・Saturday 14:00〜
・Sunday 10:30〜
※The tour will not be held on dates marked with (-) on the reservation form.
※ From July 31 (Wed) to August 5 (Mon), tours will not be conducted due to the "Kurume Kasuri Grand Exposition" event at Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin. Please visit us at the event!
~2 hours
Recommended Age
Suitable for All Ages
13,900yen (tax included)
※ Material fee included
※ Participants under 12 years old:
・Workshop tour + experience: ¥10,000
・Workshop tour only: Free