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“Kyushu: A Journey to the Land of Art and Craft” is the theme of TRAVEL UNA No.3 (Special Issue), a travel design magazine from Kyushu.

  • Date of Issue :May 24, 2021
  • Price :1,980 JPY tax included (print edition)
  • Languages :Japanese and English
  • Size :17.5cm x 24cm
  • Page Count :120
  • ISBN :978-4-9911173-2-9
  • Cover Illustration :Izuru Aminaka
  • Guest Writer :Kaori Kai
Greetings from the Editor

TRAVEL UNA (United Native Acumen) is a travel guide that investigates the roots of Kyushu and uncovers the beauty and wisdom contained within, one theme at a time.

This special issue of TRAVEL UNA (No.3) serves as a gateway to a diverse selection of curated craft and art experiences across Kyushu. As all the destinations and craftspeople we introduce in its pages can be visited through UNA Laboratories tours, we invite you to experience this world of Kyushu’s crafts and art for yourself. In the midst of a global pandemic, our new reality has redefined what it means to travel and experience cultures. TRAVEL UNA invites you to explore more possibilities.

Discover your new trip with UNA.

Aya Tamura, Editor in Chief

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  • p4 Greetings from the Editor
  • p12 Renewal and Renaissance: Visit Towns Evolving Through Art
  • p14 Art Will Continue Forever / Beppu, Oita Prefecture
  • p30 The Product of Many Loose Connections Through Art / Tsunagi, Kumamoto
  • p40 Crafting the Future: Meet the Craftspeople Reshaping Tradition
  • p42 Rethinking the Past and Crafting the Future of Karatsu Ware / Saga・Kentaro Kiln
  • p48 Pottery Made from the Earth of Kagoshima / Kagoshima・Ryumonjiyaki Pottery Union
  • p54 At the Cutting Edge of Papermaking / Saga・Nao Tesuki Washi
  • p60 Creating a 3-D World of Paper and Glue / Kumamoto・Yamaga Toro Nakamura Seisakusho
  • p66 Taking on New Challenges of Kurume Kasuri / Fukuoka・Shimogawa Textile
  • p72 Recontextualizing Natural Dye for the Modern Age / Fukuoka・Takarajima Senkou
  • p80 Katazome: Carving out New Beginnings / Oita・Yotsume Dyehouse
  • p88 A Couple’s Journey with Senko Hanabi / Fukuoka・Tsutsui Tokimasa Fireworks Co.
  • p94 A Family Folding Prayers into Sugary Sweets / Fukuoka・Rakushindo Hompo
  • p100 An Experience with UNA
  • p106 Travel Notes: A Conversation Between Josh and Valentina
  • p114 Glossary
  • p116 Kyushu Art and Craft Map
  • The Takarajima Senkou and Yotsume Dyehouse articles are expanded and reprinted from TRAVEL UNA No.1.










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