【Fukuoka/Yame】 A Spectacular View and Cafe at the Yame Central Tea Plantation!

Learn to Brew Delicious Yame Tea from a Tea Farmer and Walk in the Tea Fields (1hr)

Step into the tea fields and see the growing process up close
Learn about Yame tea from tea farmer, Mr. Nishimura
At the cafe, learn how to brew green tea
Experience brewing tea yourself
Enjoy tasting sweets made with tea

Yame City is a major producer of Japanese tea with the largest plantation in the city called the Yame Central Tea Plantation. On this tour, visit the Green Monster cafe located at the top of the tea fields. An observation deck nearby provides a view of the green, carpet-like landscape below. After walking through the fields, learn how to brew Yame’s sweet and umami-filled tea with the guidance of a tea farmer.

  • Visit a café with a spectacular view overlooking a 70-hectare large tea plantation.
  • Walk around and take photos in the tea fields with a tea farmer.
  • Learn how to brew delicious Yame tea with guidance from a tea farmer.
  • A dessert plate made using Yame tea is included.
Taiki Nishimura 西村 太喜 Representative director of Healing Space
Taiki is a third-generation tea farmer. While preserving the brand of Yame tea known throughout the country, Taiki works to spread the appeal of Yame tea by running the Green Monster cafe at the observatory space of the Yame Central Tea Plantation. Taiki’s goal is to make Yame tea more accessible and enjoyable, especially for the younger generation.
Program Contents

Learn How to Make Delicious Yame Tea Directly From a Tea Farmer

The taste of Japanese tea changes dramatically depending on how it is brewed. Learn how to brew delicious tea from a tea farmer who is well-versed in the world of tea. After watching the tea farmer’s example, brew a cup of tea yourself, taking note of the water temperature and brewing time. By learning the techniques of brewing tea, you can enjoy a delicious cup even at home!

Watch a tea brewing demonstration

Carefully brew tea yourself, paying attention to the water temperature and time

A Splendid View of the Tea Fields Below

Take in the view of the vast Yame Central Tea Plantation that spans 70 hectares wide. Walk through the tea field with a tea farmer and take in the spectacular scenery. While touching the branches and leaves, listen to the history of Yame tea and the plantation, and learn from the farmer how the tea is grown and managed.

Step into the vast tea fields

Hold the tea leaves in your hands

Enjoy Yame Japanese Black Tea and Yame Tea Sweets

Enjoy a lovely dessert made with Yame tea! The dessert plate is served with Yame black tea – a different tea than what is served during the brewing experience.

A sweets plate made using Yame tea

Tea leaves, chiffon cake, sable cookies, and other sweets can also be purchased

Destination Info

Green Monster – A Cafe with a Remarkable View of the Yame Central Tea Plantation

70 hectares of green tea fields stretch far and wide over gently sloping hills at the Yame Central Tea Plantation. This area is a major production area for Fukuoka’s signature brand of tea, Yame Tea. The plantation was formed by developing 103 hectares of mountainous forest during a “prefectural pilot project” between 1969 and 1973. The magnificent scenery has become widely known, and from the observatory, the Ariake Sea and Shimabara Peninsula can be seen on a clear day.
The concept of the Green Monster cafe was imagined by a young tea farmer who opened its doors in 2023 as a place for people to enjoy tea.

Green Monster cafe entrance

The tea fields can be seen from inside the cafe as well!

Immersive Craft Stay

Experience a World of Artisanship at Craft Inn 手 [té]

Located in Yame close to Green Monster Cafe (20 minutes by car) is Craft Inn 手 [té], an inn operated by UNA Laboratories that was renovated from a traditional Japanese building. From the furniture to the fixtures, bath, and decorations, every aspect of the inn highlights the craftsmanship of local artisans. An overnight stay at Craft Inn 手 [té] paired with a craft tour is a great way to experience the spirit of Kyushu and its craftspeople! Learn more about Craft Inn 手 [té] and reserve a room here.

Craft Inn 手 [té]

Indigo themed room

\Testimonials of Past Participants/

  • ・It was a wonderful experience to listen to the tea grower’s story followed by a chance to enjoy his tea.
  • ・This was my first visit to a tea plantation, so it was a great new experience!
Tour Code



Tuesday, Friday 14:00-15:00, Request type

*Tours are unavailable from mid-April to mid-May due to the peak season


1 hour


Meet at the Green Monster cafe


Tour Start

Yame tea lecture, walk in the tea fields, tea brewing experience



The tour ends with a Yame tea-themed sweets plate. Tea leaves produced at the Yame Central Tea Plantation and baked sweets such as Yame tea chiffon cake and sable cookies are also available for purchase.



*We can help arrange for an English interpreter (additional cost required). Please contact us if necessary:


Minimum 2/ Maximum 6

Meeting Location

Green Monster Cafe

2042-2 Hon, Yame, Fukuoka 834-0015

*Free parking is available on-site.

Reservation Deadline

Up to 7 days before the start of the tour

Payment Method

Advance payment by credit card (VISA, Master, Amex, JCB) using a form once the request has been confirmed.


You are welcome to wear any clothes you like. Please note that there will be some walking on the ground during the tea plantation walk.

What to Bring

All the items necessary for the experience are provided.

  • This is a program where participants go to the meeting place by themselves.
  • UNA Laboratories staff do not accompany participants on this program.
  • The tour will be held even in the event of rain, barring cases of inclement weather such as heavy rain or a typhoon.
  • All of the photographs are for illustrative purposes only. 
  • Children of elementary school age and younger may participate in the tour with a parent or guardian. However, we shall not be held responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur in the parking lot or during the tour. Please keep an eye on your child/children during the tour.
  • In case of rain, it may not be possible to walk in the tea fields.
  • We recommend participants purchase domestic travel insurance for the tour.
Cancellation Policy

3 to 1 day(s) preceding the tour start date: 50% of the tour fee

Before departure on the day of the tour: 100% of the tour fee

No-show without prior notification or cancellation after the start of the tour: 100% of the tour fee

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Tour Information

Dates: Tuesday, Friday 14:00-15:00 Request type
(Tours are unavailable from mid-April to mid-May due to peak season)
1 hour
Recommended Age
Suitable for All Ages
2,900yen (tax included)
Items included in the tour price:
Tea-making lecture, experience, and dessert plate