【Fukuoka/Yame City】Preserving Satoyama Food Culture with Konjac Making and Local Lunch

Mountain Village Food and Daily Life
"Learning the Satoyama Lifestyle " Half-Day Experience

Learn about satoyama food culture from the locals
Handmake konjac using wood ash
Locally harvested konjac potato
Eat lunch at The Former Ouchi Residence, a designated Tangible Cultural Property
Satoyama lunch plate full of seasonal vegetables
Children are warmly welcomed to participate

Tachibana-cho in Yame City is a satoyama, or mountain village, where daily life centers on utilizing the abundant local resources and bounty of each season.
Daily knowledge once common to the area, such as making konjac and pickles, crafting with bamboo, farming, and mountain work, has yet to be passed on to the next generation and is on the brink of being lost. “Can we help pass the local culture on to the future by sharing the wisdom and experience with others through travel and hospitality?” From this thought, the program, “Learning Satoyama Daily Lifestyle" was born.
On this half-day program, visitors can experience and appreciate the food culture of Tachibana’s satoyama. The program includes a "satoyama lunch" where seasonal fruits such as bamboo shoots in spring, tomatoes and bitter gourd in summer, taro, mandarin oranges, kiwi, and strawberries in fall and winter, can be enjoyed. Participants will also learn how to make konjac, a typical dish of Yame, using traditional methods. Come experience the richness that Yame’s satoyama has to offer in this program!

  • Enjoy a “satoyama lunch” prepared using local ingredients
  • Experience the traditional way of making konjac using wood ash
  • Visit The Former Ouchi Residence, Shiraki no Sato, which was renovated in April 2023
  • Meet Ms. Nakashima and others at the Farmer's Guest House, Omichidani no Sato

Satoyama Lunch and Tour at The Former Ouchi Residence, Shiraki no Sato

Nestled in the valleys of Yame City’s Tachibana-machi, lies an old traditional Japanese house: “Shiraki no Sato, Kyu Ouchi-tei.” This was once the home of Chozo Ouchi, a politician who worked to foster friendly Sino-Japanese relations from the late 19th through the early 20th centuries. At one time, the house was on the verge of being abandoned, but a preservation group, led by locals, saved the house from going to ruins, restoring it to its current appearance. Enjoy a “satoyama lunch” full of seasonal vegetables and local ingredients in the newly renewed Former Ouchi Residence, which was completed in April 2023. Lunch will be served at kuma cafe on Thursdays, Fridays, and Mondays, and at YORA CONNE on weekends. A guided tour of the building is also included.

The Former Ouchi Residence, Shiraki no Sato – Banquet hall

Make Konjac with Wood Ash, an Old-Fashioned Process on the Verge of Being Lost

In Yame’s satoyama, homemade konjac has long been made using locally grown konjac potatoes for special occasions as a form of hospitality. In the old days, “wood ash” made by burning wood at home, was used to create lye for making konjac. Nowadays, calcium hydroxide is used instead. In this program, we revive the traditional method of using wood ash to make konjac. Participants can also enjoy chatting with Ms. Nakajima of the “Farmer’s Guest House Omichidani no Sato” and feel the warm hospitality of the satoyama. (Please note that you will be asked to drive your own car from the Former Ouchi Residence to Omichidani no Sato.)

Locally grown konjac potatoes

Freshly made steaming konjac

About the Tour

Becoming an “Inheritor of Satoyama Culture”

Even in this region, where the satoyama lifestyle remains strong, traditional cooking methods have almost become forgotten since the knowledge has not been passed on to the next generation. This program was created to help preserve such culture and wisdom. By joining this tour and learning the recipes – many of which are only used for entertaining purposes and require much time and effort – participants themselves can become “inheritors of satoyama culture.”

Tour Code



Thursday – Monday


*Request type: Please send us your desired date using the inquiry form. We will check availability and get back to you.


4 hours



Tour The Former Ouchi Residence


Lunch made from local ingredients


Transfer from The Former Ouchi Residence to Omichidani no Sato (Guests are requested to transfer using their own vehicles)


Konjac-making experience using wood ash (Omichidani no Sato)


End of program



(An English guide can be arranged for an extra fee)


Minimum 2 people / Maximum 10 people

*All prices include tax

*Please consult for groups of more than 10:









Meeting Location: The Former Ouchi Residence, Shiraki no Sato
3245 Tachibanamachi Shiraki, Yame, Fukuoka 834-0084
*The program requires that you come with your own transportation.
Transfer Location: Farmer’s Guest House Omichidanii no Sato
4578-1 Tachibanamachi Shiraki, Yame, Fukuoka 834-0084
*After lunch, please transfer here using your own vehicle
Reservation Deadline


Up to five days before the start of the program
Payment Method

Advance payment by credit card (VISA, Master, Amex, JCB) 


None in particular

What to Bring

Please bring an apron if you would like.

  • This is an experience program where guests arrange transportation themselves to and from the meeting place.
  • This program will be held even in the event of rain, except in cases of severe weather such as typhoons or torrential rain.
  • All photos are for illustrative purposes only. The places visited are not tourist destinations, and the menus and itineraries may differ due to circumstances.
  • In principle, this program requires you to transport yourself using your own vehicle. In the case you request assistance booking a bus, cab, lodging, etc., we will proceed with planning as an order-based tour.
  • We recommend participants purchase domestic travel insurance for the tour.
  • This tour may be canceled if its smooth implementation becomes difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the event of cancellation, the tour fee will be fully refunded.
Cancellation Policy

3 to 1 day(s) preceding the tour start date: 50% of the tour fee

Before departure on the day of the tour: 100% of the tour fee

No-show without prior notification or cancellation after the start of the tour: 100% of the tour fee

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Tour Information

Thursday - Monday 12:00-16:00 *Request type: Please send us your desired date using the inquiry form. We will check availability and get back to you.
4 hours
Recommended Age
Suitable for All Ages Free for children under 6 years old
6,500yen (tax included)
*Child price: 4,000 yen (tax included) applies to ages 6-13
*Lunch and materials included
*This is a program where you transfer using your own vehicle