【Saga/Karatsu】The Excellence of Karatsu Ware at Kentaro Kiln

Learn to Make and Use a Wood-Fired Kiln (5.5hrs)

Pottery made by program participants; the wood-fired kiln creates pleasantly surprising variations in glaze
Splitting firewood
Lighting the kiln
Pottery is fired in scorching flames
Enjoy an indulgent moment in the gallery overlooking Karatsu Bay

Built on a hill overlooking Karatsu Bay, Kentaro Kiln was opened in 2008 by Kentaro Murayama, an up-and-coming maker of Karatsu ware. Murayama collects all of the raw materials for his clay and glazes in the surrounding mountains, and has researched the ideal firing temperatures and methods for each material. Through this research, Murayama has developed a unique clay that can be fired in half a day instead of the usual two. In this completely novel pottery experience, chop firewood, build a kiln, and be a part of the moment when ceramics are born from the kiln’s flame.

  • Experience everything from chopping firewood to making a kiln, painting glaze to firing pottery, all in one day
  • Take your finished pottery home after the tour
  • Indulge in the workshop’s picturesque view, which overlooks Karatsu Bay and the Nijinomatsubara Rainbow Pine Grove
  • Enjoy and purchase Kentaro Kiln’s work at their gallery
Kentaro Murayama
Born 1978 in Karatsu City. After graduating from the Arita College of Ceramics, Murayama apprenticed under Kiyomi Kawakami and established his own kiln in 2008. He opened Kentaro Kiln on the mountainside of Kagamiyama in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture. Overlooking the Nijinomatsubara Pine Grove and Karatsu Bay, Murayama makes pottery that honors its strong connection to the earth and local environment.
Destination Info

Pottery Loved by Tea Ceremony Masters

Karatsu ware is a pottery produced in the eastern part of Saga Prefecture and the northern part of Nagasaki Prefecture. The tradition is said to have originated in the 1580s from the Hata clan, lord of Kishidake Castle. The pottery later spread from the port of Karatsu to Kyoto, Osaka, and other parts of western Japan. It became so popular that the pottery was collectively referred to as Karatsu mono, the “things of Karatsu.” As exemplified by a common saying in the tea ceremony world that ranks pottery traditions, “First Raku [ware], second Hagi [ware], and third Karatsu [ware],” Karatsu ware is also a favorite of tea ceremony practitioners.

Foot-powered potter’s wheels are known as “kick wheels”

The Karatsu ware of Kentaro Kiln

In Pursuit of Modern Functional Beauty: Kentaro Kiln

Kentaro Murayama, the owner of Kentaro Kiln, creates a unique materiality in the kiln’s work through repeated research on clays and glaze, rooted in the traditional techniques of ancient Karatsu. With the aim of achieving a modern “functional beauty,” the kiln’s relatively simple and familiar style results in pottery that can at once be used in traditional tea ceremonies, but also incorporated into everyday life. All the raw materials that go into the vessels, such as clay and glaze, are collected on walks in the surrounding mountains.

Raw materials collected from the surrounding mountains

Murayama applies glaze

Program Contents

A Taste of Ancient Pottery-Making Techniques

First choose from a selection of unglazed vessels on which to paint your own design. Then move on to this program’s highlight, building and using a wood-fired kiln. Watch as an artisan skillfully raises the kiln’s temperature by controlling flames with the power of wind, creating mesmerizing changes to the fire’s color and sound. The colors and patterns of the pottery change depending on their placement within the kiln, along with how the flames strike each vessel’s clay and glaze. This process brings to mind the more ancient methods of pottery-making that were widespread even before the beginning of Karatsu ware.

The glaze is also made of iron collected from the mountains

Removing pottery from the kiln

Enjoy a Luxurious Moment Overlooking Karatsu Bay

While your pottery is being fired, relax in the workshop with a cup of tea while enjoying a luxurious moment overlooking Karatsu Bay and the Nijinomatsubara Pine Grove. Watch the kiln’s steady flames, browse the Kentaro Kiln gallery, and listen to stories about Karatsu Ware. After firing is complete, gently shape the pottery with sandpaper to complete the process.

Taking a tea break while the pottery is being fired

Sanding the finished pottery

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Please send us your preferred dates using the inquiry form.
※The tour will not be held on dates marked with (-) on the reservation form.
Tours may be arranged for groups of four or more on dates other than those specified on the reservation calendar.


5.5 hours
※Please note that the time required for the experience may vary depending on the weather, as it affects how long it takes for the kiln to cool after firing.



Check-in begins at Kentaro Kiln.


Enjoy a wood-fired kiln pottery-making experience with craftsman Kentaro Murayama. Choose your favorite vessel from a selection of unglazed pottery and paint your favorite design. Split firewood and construct the very kiln with which you will fire your creation.
※ Please note that warping and cracking may occur during the firing process.


※Lunch is not included in the tour price. Please bring your own lunch, or we will recommend nearby lunch spots.


Continue the pottery experience. While the pottery is being fired, take a relaxing tea break at the workshop gallery while overlooking the picturesque Karatsu Bay.


Take the pottery out of the kiln and sand the vessel’s edges to put on the finishing touches. You can also purchase Kentaro Kiln’s work displayed in the gallery (cash and credit card accepted).

<Nearby Sights>

A short 10-minute drive from Kentaro Kiln is Arutokoro, a restaurant featured in TRAVEL UNA Issue 2. We recommend their lunch course made with seasonal ingredients, served on Karatsu ware (advance reservations are necessary).


JapaneseSupplementary explanations in English via translation device or lecture board can be provided upon request. Please make a note in the message box during registration to request this service.※An English interpreter can also be arranged for an additional fee. Please contact UNA Laboratories for more details.


Minimum number of participants: 2 / Maximum number of participants: 6

Meeting Place
Kentaro Kiln
1608-2 Hamatamamachi Yokotashimo, Karatsu, Saga
※By Public Transport
Take the Fukuoka Subway Kuko (Airport) Line bound for Nishi Karatsu and alight at Hamasaki Station. Kentaro Kiln is about a 10 minute taxi ride from the station.
※By Car
About one and a half hours from downtown Fukuoka City. Please use the free parking space in front of Kentaro Kiln (fits a maximum of three vehicles).
Reservation Deadline
10 days before the start of the tour (for example, please apply by October 1st for a tour that starts on October 10th)
Payment Method

Advance payment at the time of reservation (VISA, Mastercard, Amex, JCB)


Please wear clothes you won’t mind getting dirty.

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  • We advise taking out domestic travel insurance when participating in this tour.
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3 to 1 day(s) preceding the tour start date: 50% of the tour fee
Before departure on the tour start date: 100% of the tour fee
After the start of tour or no-show: 100% of the tour fee

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Tour Information

※The tour will not be held on dates marked with (-) on the reservation form.
5.5 hours
Recommended Age
Suitable for All Ages
20,000yen (tax included)
※ Includes material fee