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The inaugural issue of TRAVEL UNA, a Kyushu travel design magazine, will be published in late January. This issue’s feature is “A Journey to Discover Native Textiles.”

  • Date of Issue :January 28, 2020
  • Price :1,800 JPY plus tax (print edition) and
    1,600 JPY plus tax (digital edition)
  • Languages :English and Japanese
  • Size :175 mm x 240 mm, 120 pages (estimated)
  • ISBN :978-4-9911173-0-5

TRAVEL UNA, which stands for United Native Acumen, is a travel guide that investigates the roots of Kyushu and uncovers its beauty, one theme at a time.

In this issue we delve into the “native textiles” of Kyushu, which are crafted in consideration to the island’s climate and history. We begin by taking a closer look at Kurume Kasuri, Kyushu’s traditional dyed, patterned textiles through which we introduce unique and meticulously-designed fabrics that are high-quality, affordable, and functional.

Discover your new trip with UNA.

Aya Tamura, Editor in Chief

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  • p​4 Greetings from the Editor
  • p12 What are Native Textiles of Kyushu?
  • p16 Kyushu’s Native Textiles: A Tour to Dye For with Shinya Miyaura
  • p42 Furoshiki: Wrapping Kyushu
  • p52 Seven Keywords of Kurume Kasuri
  • p54 The Hands and Tools that Craft Kurume Kasuri
  • p58 Kurume Kasuri Production Process Chart
  • p​60 Textiles, Artisans, and Entrepreneurs in Chikugo
  • p64 Kurume Kasuri Designs: A Colorful Pallette
  • p74 Yukata to Relax, Monpe to Stay Active
  • p88 Dress in Kyushu’s Scenery with Kurume Kasuri
  • p94 Modern Dyers
  • p106 Noren, Ramen and Udon
  • p112 Selected Accommodations









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