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“Rice World Kyushu” is the theme of TRAVEL UNA No.2, a Kyushu travel design magazine.

  • Date of Issue :September 5, 2020
  • Price :1,800 JPY plus tax (print edition)
    1,600 JPY plus tax (digital edition)
  • Languages :English and Japanese
  • Size :17.5cm x 24cm
  • Page Count :120
  • ISBN :ISBN978-4-9911173-1-2

TRAVEL UNA (United Native Acumen) is a travel guide that investigates the roots of Kyushu and uncovers the beauty and wisdom contained within, one theme at a time.

Issue 2 explores “Rice World Kyushu.” Rice cultivation was first introduced to Japan via Kyushu. And in recent years, rice produced in the region has received high ratings from across Japan. TRAVEL UNA delves into rice and Kyushu’s culture from multiple perspectives — of course one that looks at rice as food, but also others that examine the grain’s relationship to sake, confectionery, customs, rituals, spirituality, and more.

Discover your new trip with UNA.

Aya Tamura, Editor in Chief

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  • p​4 Greetings from the Editor
  • p14 The Quest for the Best Shio-Musubi / Karatsu
  • p18 Rice: A Closer Look
  • p28 Cultivating Community: The People and the Rice Fields / Yabakei・Itoshima
  • p38 DON! Digging Into Rice Beyond the Bowl / Fukuoka・Itoshima・NYC
  • p56 A Taste of Kyushu In Its Sake / Kurume
  • p​68 To Hirado, the Island of Rice Sweets
  • p78 The Intertwined Cultures of Rice, Tools, and Crafts in Yame, Fukuoka
  • p92 Takachiho: A Town of Sacred Shimenawa Ropes and Straw Craft Traditions
  • p100 A Trip Through Kagoshima’s Paddy Fields to Meet the Gentle Kami of Rice
  • p112 Selected Accommodations vol.2
  • p114 Rice World Map



【Hokkaido and Tohoku Regions】

【Chubu Region】

【Chugoku Region】

【Shikoku Region】



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