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Kyushu Crafts Club is Being Held in Amsterdam!

Folks in Amsterdam and around, we’re about to start our exhibition featuring 15 leading artisans in Kyushu, the southwest islands of the Japanese archipelago. This is a collaboration between UNA Laboratories and Pop-Up City, a creative agency based in Amsterdam. Please come and see the vibrant makers and their works during the exhibition period, which starts this Thursday! In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, please register your arrival in advance! We have limited seats for virtual tours to a porcelain kiln and a washi (Japanese handmade paper) workshop, and also cater special Donburi takeaway at the exhibition in Amsterdam — all of which need reservations! We really hope a variety creative-minded people in the Netherlands gain inspiration through our endeavors, which will eventually lead to future collaborations between the East and the West!