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【Event Report】Royal College of Art Study Tour

On June 2023, 14 teachers and students from the Royal College of Art (UK) visited Yame City, Hirokawa Town, and Fukuoka City on a study tour organized by Professor Tokushu Inamura of  Kyushu University’s Strategic Design Department, Faculty of Art and Design.

The group visited many places such as Shimogawa Textile, the white-walled streets of Yame Fukushima (including Konomi Honken, Unagi no Nedoko, Yokomachi Machiya Exchange Center, and Ogata Butsudan), as well as Aizome Kasuri Kobo, and Baba Water Mill. During the trip, participants learned about traditional craftsmanship, innovations taking place, and challenges the artisans face.

UNA Laboratories was in charge of arranging and organizing this tour. We thank you for the wonderful opportunity!