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[Event Info] Hiroshima Tsutaya Books: May 24 – June 30

TRAVEL UNA and the products introduced in the magazine will be exhibited and sold at the Tsutaya Bookstore located in the Hiroshima T-Site, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima city. If you are in or near Hiroshima, please stop by! From the Issue 1 “A Journey to Discover Native Textiles” section, we introduce a range of Kurume Kasuri products, including Kurume Kasuri masks — upcycled and one-of-a-kind masks made from cloth scraps left over from making MONPE pants. These masks have been popular on the UNA Labs online shop, and across shops nationwide. From the Issue 2 section “Rice World Kyushu,” we are introducing products related to rice. These include rice grown by Hioke no Sato in Yabakei, and Nijo Akamai Direct Sale Center in Itoshima, both which were featured in the TRAVEL UNA article: “Cultivating Community: The People and the Rice Fields.” Also on display are the beautiful, modern rice straw crafts by Warazaiku Takubo from the article, “Takachiho: A Town of Sacred Shimenawa Ropes and Straw Craft Traditions” and bamboo chopsticks made by Yamachiku, a maker located in the mountains south of Yame in Kumamoto Prefecture. In Issue 3, “A Journey to the Land of Art and Craft,” we introduce book covers and letter paper made by Nao Tesuki Washi, business card cases and furoshiki wrapping cloth by Yotsume Dyehouse, and Yamaga Toro aroma diffusers and mobiles by Yamanote. Books related to the magazine are also on display, so if you read Issue 3 and thought, “I’d like to know more,” this is an exhibition not to miss! Venue: Hiroshima Tsutaya Address: 2-1-45 Ogi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture Period: May 24 – June 30, 2021 (tentative)